Take care of your Macbook with a COMFY handmade case


I take my Macbook Air with me everywhere – you don’t know when you are going to have to run an IT errand, a terrific blog idea will strike you, or you’ll have a spare 20 minutes to finish watching that new Elementary episode you started last night. Actually, the first COMFY handmade case was a comfy Macbook Air 13” case. After I got myself a Mac I looked and looked and looked for a nice and a stylish Macbook sleeve. Yet, most of the cases I found were boring or extremely pricey. Then I figured I’ll make a case myself.

After experimenting for weeks and months with materials and designs I came up the most comfortable and good-looking Macboook Air handmade case. I was really proud. As soon as I started marching around proudly with my Mac in it’s new and comfy handmade case under my arm, friends and family wanted some too.

Up until now my favorite blend is gray felt and brown leather – it looks stylish, warm, exceptional and is very comfy to use. I keep a lot of stuff in my bag, so I don’t need to worry about anything scratching my Macbook. COMFY Macbook Air and Macbook Pro cases are made with natural German wool felt and vegetable tanned leather. We went great lengths until we found these topmost quality materials, my dear. Each case has a top cut so you load your case lengthwise – this secures your Macbook inside providing a very snug fit – no chance of falling out even if you’re in the mood of shaking vigorously. In addition to a thick layer of protective wool felt there’s a nice leather pocket allowing you to store your iPhone, iPod, cards, headphones, a peanut butter Kitkat, or any other important stuff.

This is just one darn good, sturdy and long lasting Macbook case for a darn good price (so you have change left for that Kitkat). Relax, sweetie, we’ve got you all comfy and covered. Check out those COMFY Mac cases right here: https://comfy.lt/product-category/mac/

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