Quality of materials – natural felt and leather

comfy - felt and leather cases made of natural felt

We went great lengths until we found the right materials for our COMFY cases. I told you earlier, that the first COMFY case was a case that I made for myself – for my Macbook Air. I really wanted something extra nice, super comfy and exceptionally sheek. A piece of rubber or polyester would not do the trick for me. I wanted it all natural.

My odyssey for materials started in my home town, then stretched to the whole country, but after getting samples and sowing it together with my singer it was OK, but it was not great, so I figured that this is just not it. Then the voyage in quest of topmost quality materials, or, as they say uber quality, stretched as far as Germany and Italy. I got into contact with almost all natural felt and leather distributors I could find and did not give up until I had samples from all of them. Then I worked and worked and worked until I got rid of all the OK and good enough materials and was left with the super functionally and super pleasing to the idea. The result of my persistent work is found now in each COMFY case available for you in my shop.

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