COMFY iPhone handmade cases

A stylish and all natural iPhone 5 5S 5C Handmade Light Felt Case with Green Leather made in Lithuania. A perfect sleeve for your precious iPhone.

The world is a fast place, but we are sentimental people. In our COMFY shop you can find a case for all of the iPhone versions. Be it an iPhone 6 case, iPhone 5 case, iPhone 4 case, or even iPhone 3GS case – all are COMFY and all are made with care.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tech geek seeking for that newest and hottest iPhone 7 or if you and your engraved iPhone 4 are tied in a sentimental knot because your grandpa gave it to you for Christmas. Our newly designed iPhone handmade cases is made with natural German wool felt and natural vegetable tanned Italian leather. All new cases have a leather strap securing your iPhone with no chance of falling out. Each case is designed in a way that the metal knob securing the strap to the case does not have any contact with your iPhone.

All is thought through, just relax, throw it into your bag and run keeping it hip. Check out all iPhone handmade case @

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