COMFY felt cases for your precious Kindle


Oh I remember the Christmas of 2013 when I got my Kindle Paperwhite. I downloaded and I read and I downloaded and read again – it was magical.

The only problem was that I didn’t have a case for my precious. My kindle felt alone and naked as I couldn’t take it with me on my adventures, because I was afraid to scratch or crash it. I soon started to work on prototypes for my COMFY Kindle felt case. There were quite a few versions until I made something that would make me happy. I used it for a few weeks until I decided that I would make some more and share with you guys.

I made the Kindle felt cases with a leather strap that would hold your reading device snug inside with no chance of slipping out. This is very important because we bring our Kindles to travels and adventures with us – if it accidentally lands in a rock gorge, we want it to land soft and gently until we descend and collect them. Grab a COMFY Kindle Paperwhite sleeve for you or your adventurous friend and make either yourself or someone else happy.

Find you COMFY Kindle case here:

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